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6mm Semi Precious Strands 8mm Semi Precious Strands
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Amethyst Dark 6mm Amethyst Dark 8mm Amethyst Light 6mm
Amethyst Dark 6mm
Price: $12.00
Amethyst Dark 8mm
Price: $14.00
Amethyst Light 6mm
Price: $15.00
Amethyst Light 8mm Apatite 6mm Apatite 8mm
Amethyst Light 8mm
Price: $15.00
Apatite 6mm
Price: $20.00
Apatite 8mm
Price: $24.00
Carnelian 6mm Citrine 6mm Citrine 8mm
Carnelian 6mm
Price: $8.00
Citrine 6mm
Price: $15.00
Citrine 8mm
Price: $17.00
Garnet 6mm Lapis Lazuli 6mm Lapis Lazuli 8mm
Garnet 6mm
Price: $11.00
Lapis Lazuli 6mm
Price: $15.00
Lapis Lazuli 8mm
Price: $17.00